• Drilling 
  • Fishing 
  • stimulation
  • fracking


  • Drilling: A long, continuous length of pipe wound on a spool. The pipe is straightened prior to pushing into a wellbore and rewound to coil the pipe back onto the transport and storage spool.


  • Well Workover and Intervention

A generic term relating to the use of a coiled tubing string and associated equipment. As a well-intervention method, coiled tubing techniques offer several key benefits over alternative well-intervention technologies. The ability to work safely under live well conditions, with a continuous string, enables fluids to be pumped at any time regardless of the position or direction of travel. This is a significant advantage in many applications. Installing an electrical conductor or hydraulic conduit further enhances the capability of a coiled tubing string and enables relatively complex intervention techniques to be applied safely.


  • Applications

Initially coiled tubing had very limited applications and many complications mainly brought on by the limits of the tubing. But through vast improvements in the tubing and recent innovations in downhole tools, coiled tubing is now providing a very wide, and increasingly growing, range of services.

Other services include initiating well flow, pipeline and flowline cleaning, gas lift equipment services, shifting of sliding sleeves, BHP/BHT surveys, along with many other operations traditionally performed by wireline. Some of the other services available from coiled tubing service providers are:



  • Fishing Tubular: Operation on rig for retrieving from the wellbore sections of pipe, collars, junk, or other obstructive items in the hole.
  • Well Workover and Intervention

The application of tools, equipment and techniques for the removal of junk, debris or fish from a wellbore. The key elements of a fishing operation include an understanding of the dimensions and nature of the fish to be removed, the wellbore conditions, the tools and techniques employed and the process by which the recovered fish will be handled at surface

  • Conventional fishing tools and systems include packer milling and retrieving, internal and external cutting, internal and external engagement, wash over equipment for virtually every fishing application. Regardless of what’s in your well, chances are we’ve removed it successfully.
  • Stimulation:
  • Artificially enhancing flow potential by chemical injection into producing reservoir
  • Processes to enlarge old passages or create new ones in producing formation: acidizing, fracturing, explosive treatments.
  • fracking:
  • Fracture stimulation or hydraulic fracturing:

A stimulation technique used to create a fracture in the reservoir formation to increase productivity of the well. NOTE Proppant is used in the fracturing fluid to hold the fracture open, thus maintaining a high conductivity path into the wellbore.

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