• Killing well
  • Running Insert pump and fishing same
  • Running Plunger and fishing same
  • Running Sucker Rod and fishing same


  • Sucker Rod: A length of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or other suitable material, many which are screwed together to make up the mechanical link (rod string) from the surface pumping unit to the pump in the well.


  • Sucker Rod Pump: A downhole assembly used to lift fluid to surface by the reciprocating action of the sucker rod string. Basic components are the barrel, plunger, valves, and hold-down. Two types of sucker rod pumps are the tubing pump, in which the barrel is attached to the tubing, and the rod, or insert, pump, which is run into the well as a complete unit.


  • Sucker Rod WHIP: Undesirable whipping motion in sucker rod string that occurs when string is not properly attached to sucker rod pump.
  • Killing well:
  • Drilling/Well servicing: To prevent a threatened blowout by taking suitable preventative measures (Shut in well with blowout preventers, circulate kick out, and increase weight of drilling/completion/workover fluid).
  • Production: To stop a well from producing oil and gas so that reconditioning of the well can proceed.

 Complete Slickline Service 

  • Well Workover and Intervention
  • Cleaning completion
  • Fishing everything related to this specialty

Slick Line:

  • Well Completions

A thin nonelectric cable used for selective placement and retrieval of wellbore hardware, such as plugs, gauges and valves located in sidepocket mandrels. Valves and sleeves can also be adjusted using slickline tools. Partially collapsed tubing can be repaired using a tubing swage on slickline.

  • Well Workover and Intervention

A single-strand wireline used to run and retrieve tools and flow-control equipment in oil and gas wells. The single round strand of wire passes through a stuffing box and pressure-control equipment mounted on the wellhead to enable slickline operations to be conducted safely on live wellbores.

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