Petroleum – Industrial and training servces.

Aamal Company was established in Syria in 2009 and performed its activities till 2013. In 2013 the Headquarters was moved to Turkey


2 – Oilfield Services Industry

3 – Trading (Import, Export)


– The Center managed to achieve success locally.

– The Center was able to get memberships of most of the international forums, such as (IWCF, IADC, NASP, IOSH, etc.). And attributions of which depends on teaching of modern scientific methods and advanced technologies.

– It was the only authorized educational center, which was founded in Syria regarding the training sessions in the oil and gas industry.

– The main goal that set by the center is to develop skills in the field of oil and gas industry, health and industrial safety.

– Goals are to provide companies, projects and the oil market, with the best workers, technicians and engineers To participate in the development of the oil and gas industry and occupational health and safety.


– The center is recognized as one of the leaders of safety and technical training in the middle east.

– We have the best certified international trainers to provide all-new.

– The center ensures high performance, reliability and quality. It has been processed in accordance with The latest training technologies in the world.

– Classrooms are well equipped with the latest educational methods in accordance with international standards for global bodies.

– Center advantage is not available in all training centers, which is teaching courses by a native speakers instructors To meet the requirements of the trainees speaking Arabic, English and Turkish.

Available Courses:

• Oil, Gas and IWCF – IADC Well Control Courses.

• Mechanical and Electrical Courses.

• Occupational Health and Safety Courses.

• Defensive Driving Courses.

• Advanced Ambulance Courses.

• Administrative Sciences Courses.

• Financial Management Courses.

• Design Programs Courses.

• E-Marketing Courses.


Abdoulmonem Alwan


+90 538 818 73 86

Safwat Akeel

Base Manager

+90 530 415 65 50