OSHA is a general awareness course designed to provide entry-level workers to recognize and prevent hazards in a general industry and construction environment.

Our Outreach Training Programs are divided into two categories: Construction Industry and General Industry.The Construction Outreach Program focuses on providing basic training to construction workers on how to identify hazards within a construction site.

Within our course, we will focus and train your employees on the following:
-Hazard identification
-How to control, prevent and avoid hazards.
-Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
-Health Hazards.
-Life saving Equipment
-Electrical, Tools and Fall Protection within a construction zone.

The General Outreach Program is similar in training with the Construction Program. General Industry safety specialists will train employees in the following areas:
-Walking and Working Surfaces.
-Hazard Communication.
-Handling Hazardous Material.
-Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Plans.
-Industrial Hygiene.

For more information please contact us.

TURKEY : 0090 530 174 7449

IRAQ: 00964 770 016 2252

Oman: 00968 953 033 03


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